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The Amateur Football League that consolidates the unprofessional football clubs in Russia, is the initiator of creating the Continental Football League (CFL), within the framework of which international amateur football competitions are held. In a way, CFL is a role model for the International Council of Amateur Sports (ICAS) created only six months ago. The ICAS staff closely follows all events conducted by CFL, and learns a lot of things, while studying its interesting experience in organizing majorinternational sporting events.

Thus, the current year, an 8-a-side football tournament (CFL-2018) is held under the aegis of the Continental Football League yet again. It is the first time that a Bulgarian team participates in it. The regional manager of the Bulgarian Association of Futsall Nikolai Khadjiev is the initiator of this trip to Moscow.

His company "Khadjiev Sport Management Ltd." was established in 2014. Its task includes the development of futsal and other varieties of this game (the 8-a-side, 7-a-side, 6-a-side and 3-a-side ones). By the way, the Bulgarians expect to discuss some joint projects in this sphere at a possible meeting with the CFL leadership in Moscow.

Currently, Khadjiev is creating a team to participate in the tournament of CFL 2018. There is no time for a preliminary qualifying tournament. Such a team will include players from those teams that have won the title in Varna in the past years. The delegation will consist of 12-15 athletes. They will make for Moscow on May 8 where they hope to plunge into the atmosphere of the football holiday.

In the future the appropriate national championships will be held in Bulgaria. The first of such championships will start on May 20 this year. Bulgarian participants of CFL 2019 are to be determined by its results. Three cities will compete with each other: Varna, Plovdiv and Sofia. The cities will have organized municipal competitions. In January, the winners from each city will square off with each otherin the final combat. In accordance with the results of this tournament, a national team will be created from the best players.

And so, two teams are going to head off to CFL 2019 from Bulgaria: the national champion and the national team. There may be a third team.

What can the team from Varna expect? The Moscow tournament is held at a very high level. Bulgarians are preparing for the competition at CFL 2018 having in mind to perform properly. They are entrusted with a task to win a victory in the first match and then to rise from the ranks as high as possible.

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