Important ICAS news

Important ICAS news
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"Gathering of falconers – 2019»


«Слет сокольников – 2019»
From 4 to 6 October on the basis of the Nursery of rare species of birds of prey reserve "Galichya Gora" (Lipetsk region) held the Fifth all-Russian c...
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Thank you China for supporting Amateur sports. Competitions in relay swimming in...


Эстафета на открытой воде в Китае.
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MIPT team set a record in 24-hour swimming!


Залыв века 2019
The MIPT-Prof team with the result of 129,600 m set a record among the teams that took part in all the "Swim of the Century" since 2017. The previous ...
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Bravo, Leo. 175,7 km Qiongzhou behind.


Плавание на открытой воде. Ли
Bravo Le. Great five. Our Chinese friends , infected with the ideas of relay swimming of the 24 hour "Swim of the century" , for 10 hours , a team of...
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Switzerland-2019. Water marathon swimming 22/06/2019. Preparation for 13 - 14 J...


Place and time of the competition! June 22, 2019 on the pond of the village of Switzerland. Start – village Switzerland, Jonava district, Republic o...
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The assault on the world record! Swim Century.


Заплыв века
Swim Century.
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Lithuania2019 From 20 to 94 years !


Литва2019 От 20 до 94 лет !
The events of the 1st Amateur Championship of Eurasia in swimming (25m) Lithuania 2019 March 30-31, Vilnius, is finished! Eurasian records have been s...
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Our championship is in the centre of attention in the press of Lithuania


Литва2019 внимание прессы Литвы
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Press conference of representatives of ICAS and organizing Committee 1st Eurasia...


Пресс конференция
Amateur sport. ICAS. 4.03.2019 On March 4 , 2019 a press conference dedicated to an important event in the world of Amateur sports was held in Vi...
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Our championship is of interest in 82 countries !


Огромный интерес

Workshop in Vilnius on preparation for the 1st Eurasian Amateur Short Course Swi...


Рабочее совещание в Вильнюсе

Interview with the organizers of the media in Lithuania about 1st Amateur Eurasi...


Интервью организаторов центральным средствам массовой информации в Литве о 1st Amateur Eurasian Swimming Championships(25m) Lithuania 2019
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