First of all, amateur sports mean a participation of people of any age in sporting events. Some give it all their free time so as to maintain their physical condition at a decent level, others – for the sake of the opportunity to make new acquaintances with colleagues fr om other countries, still others – with a view to see the world.
It's right. However, amateur sports are a broader concept. This is a special perception of reality, a particular attitude of man to himself, another person, society and nature, which has a strong influence on his world view and his behavior. Naturally, the enthusiasts of amateur sports have numerous like-minded people in the field of philosophy of life, who work in other areas of human activity. Guided by this philosophy, a person strives for goodness, justice, peace, purity and beauty, both physical and spiritual.
Perhaps, amateur athletes are closest in spirit to environmentalists. Therefore, the ICAS welcomes and supports all kinds of initiatives to preserve the natural habitat of all mankind. The ICAS encourages all amateur athletes to help nature protectors and contribute to the realization of their noble goals and attitudes.
The comprehensive activities of environmental organizations draw a variety of enterprises, companies and trade institutions into their orbit. As a result, for example, the Green Dot, a European network of industry-funded systems for recycling the packaging materials of consumer goods, has obtained a wide circulation. Nowadays, many manufacturers in Europe are allocating significant funds for recovery and recycling of industrial and household wastes.
The system is funded by licensing fees levied on product manufacturers who have purchased the Green Dot license. The price of the license varies depending on the country and is determined by taking into account the material used in the package (for example, paper, plastic, metal, wood, cardboard). Each country sets its amount of the fee for joining the Green Dot system, as well as the amount of current fixed and variable fees. When determining fees, one should take into consideration the cost of methods for collecting, sorting and processing .

The Green Dot logo on the product packaging provides evidence of the producer's social responsibility and its environmental literacy.
The Green Dot is focused on the struggle for a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment: with no industrial pollution and high-pollution cars. It advocates the preservation of natural flora and fauna, opposes killing whales and dolphins, using any fertilizers for fruits, using doping (drugs) in sports and so on. This international organization, backed by numerous volunteers, seeks to support those who believe that there is a way to make our planet healthy. We need new initiatives that would make people think about their duty to preserve nature and improve the ecological situation around the world.
The ICAS leadership offers all participants in amateur competitions as a token of their solidarity with those who are concerned about environmental issues, before their participation in a sporting event, to plant three trees in their country, take pictures of them and send the photos to ICAS, wh ere they shall be placed in a special "ICAS Green Photo Album". In addition, the ICAS considers it necessary to propose that plastic water bottles made of recycled materials should be used by all athletes.
ICAS believes that the joint efforts of amateur athletes and ecologists will not only produce additional practical results, but also strengthen the credibility and enhance the prestige of both movements around the world.

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