The International Council of Amateur Sports (ICAS) turns its focus toward spreading sports throughout the world, all while aspiring to become a leader of a sporting movement organized on a voluntary basis. The main arsenal of means to achieve such goal is both fighting the uncompromising fight against doping and instilling a spirit of fair play in sports enthusiasts.

Doping is a scourge of God for the sportsdom. The high-performance sport and lots of money are inextricably bound together. For the love of money unscrupulous sportsmen and coaches often go to extremes. Each year, up to 2% of the athletes get hooked on it.

Doping is a common phenomenon in amateur sports also. Unprofessional sportsmen who take doping means often become patients of orthopedic clinics. Anodynes which can be bought at the chemist can also lead to serious consequences if used in the wrong manner.

Sportspeople of any country indulge themselves in using forbidden substances. However, it is groundless to lay use of doping to veteran athletes’ charge. Indeed, they are far from the battle for Olympic gold medals. The coherent argument in the favor of the purity of the veteran-oriented sport movement is its complete decommercialization. Older athletes go to the competition not for the sake of glory and awards, but for the sake of communication pleasure and friendship.

That’s why the veteran-oriented sports are advanced only in countries with a good standard of living. In such competitions the natives of the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, in a word, wealthy inhabitants of rich countries reign supreme. They usually buy travel tickets themselves and cover other expenses for participation in competitions.

In other countries, veteran athletes speak with a sad heart about their prospects. For example, the support of veteran-oriented sports in Russia is negligible. The press does not write about the competitions of elderly athletes, nobody speaks about their achievements, young people know little about them. But the support of old and young is a matter of national importance. This is one reason why the ICAS considers each of its activities, both sporting and organizational, as an appeal to all interested parties to join the World Charter of Amateur Sports. It is high time to work together to pool our interests with a view to observe the fair play principles and make progress in improving the public health.

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