the Baltic regional competitions ICAS RIGA`S AMBER CUP-2018

the Baltic regional competitions ICAS RIGA`S AMBER CUP-2018
the Baltic regional competitions ICAS RIGA`S AMBER CUP-2018


Baltic regional competitions ICAS RIGA`S AMBER CUP-2018

On February 17-18 the X Open swimming championship among veterans – the Baltic regional competitions ICAS RIGA`S AMBER CUP-2018 – took place in Riga (Latvia). Over 100 people fr om nine European countries took part in the competition: Belarus, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia.

The organizers of the event aimed to determine the best teams and the best swimmers among veterans of sports in the Baltic region. At the same time, one of the main goals of amateur sports was being solved: the amalgamation of swimmers from all over the world and the creation of a healthy atmosphere in sports – without doping and commercialism.

The main events unfolded in the Central Sports House "Daugava", wh ere veterans started in the 25-meter pool on six tracks.

Competitions were held according to the rules of FINA. And this means that each team could include twelve swimmers with mandatory participation of women (at least four women in a team). Any member of a team could start in two disciplines at most, in each competitive event. In addition, it was possible for each athlete to participate in the swimming relay; however, here also he could start only two times and no more. Thanks to such restrictions, it was possible for the judges to find out the actual sports potential of the teams; besides, all those who wanted had the opportunity to compete on an equal footing, using all their physical and volitional resources.

The competitions were held in 16 age groups. Seven groups took part in swimming relay. On the basis of the points scored, the best swimmers in individual disciplines were identified. Thus, ten best male athletes and ten best female athletes were named.

It is the Latvian Rigas-Kipsalas PC team that won the Big Amber Cup-2018 in a tense, interesting struggle.

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