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Roller sports
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The open championship of the FRSR on figure skating on roller skates "Gold of Autumn"

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Inline Balance Roller Cup 2017

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Types of rollerblading

Rollerblading includes the following types:

•       speedskating –  track racing or road racing against the clock;

•       artistic slalom – performance to music; a sequence of various technical and artistic movements on a flat horizontal platform set by special cones;

•       speed ​​slalom – sliding along the track of 20 cones on one leg in minimal time;

•       slides – performing artistic braking on one or two legs or wheels;

•       high jump – high jumping   while achieving the maximum height or while performing  some artistic movements;

•       figure rollerblading –  moving to music around the site while performing technical and artistic movements (jumping, spinning, turning);

•       summer biathlon – biathlon in which the distance is covered on long two-wheeled roller skates ("ski rollers").

Because of the similar design of roller and ice skates and because of the similarity of the movement control in both sports, many types of rollerblading are similar to those of ice sports. However, there are also peculiar events in rollerblading, for example, slides.

Sportsmen taking winter sports often use rollers for training in summer and are engaged in rollerblading: ice skaters practice speedskating, and skiers ride ski rollers.

Some types of rollerblading were supposed to be included in the Olympic sports. Applications for inclusion in the program of the Olympic Games were submitted to the Olympics of 2012 and 2016, and were rejected on both accounts. The next attempt will be made as part of preparation for the Olympic Games of 2020.